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Reactive finely dispersed alumina

Reactive finely dispersed alumina

Reactive alumina GRT is used in the production of refractory products

Technical characteristics


Norm for mark



ТS 14-194-280-07 with a change 1

Mass fraction on ignition basis, %:

SiO2, no more

Fe2O3, no more

Na2O, no more





Particle size distribution, mkm:

- D50*

- D90**




Specific surface area, сm2/g, no less



* 50% of particles have the size smaller than mentioned

** 90% of particles have the size smaller than mentioned

For example: Note D50 = 1,71 mкm and D90 =5,64 mкm means, that in the powder 50% of the particles of the whole mass have a size less than 1,71 mкm, 90% of the particles are less than 5,64 mкm. 

Reactive alumina GRT is a ready-to-use finely dispersed emery powder. This is a specially developed product, the using of which in the production of refractories can achieve the following results:

- Due to the high reactivity to reduce the sintering temperature and synthesis of the necessary phases during firing,

- To reduce the amount of ganged water of refractory concretes without sacrifice of their rheological characteristics,

- In the production of refractory low- and ultra-low cement castable it is possible to produce a more partical-partical packing and a more compact structure of the material, much more proof against to aggressive reagents,

 - Due to a more compact structure to improve the physical and operational characteristics of concretes and concrete products, such as:

• Mechanical strength ("cold" and high temperature),

• Abrasion resistance, etc.

Reactive alumina GRT is a synthetic product and is produced from high-purity technical alumina, which determine extremely low content of impurity components.

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